Peach Moonstone

Metaphysical Properties of Peach Moonstone

Peach Moonstone is a gemstone that promotes a healthy & strong aura and aligns you with the value of introspection and looking within for answers and inspiration. It is a gemstone that promotes a healthy dose of selfish love as you are encouraged to take care of yourself and look after your needs. Peach Moonstone is a warm gemstone that generates a great deal of positive, uplifting energy to help you find blessings and happiness in every day. It is the self-love and self-care stone, reminding you that you deserve happiness, comfort, and contentment in life.

Peach moonstone comes in shades ranging from a pale orange to a mocha brown (where peach and black moonstone have begun to mix together). All moonstones exhibit layering, which may give the appearance of fractures, although they are merely the growth pattern of the stone.

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