Pearl - Stone for Prosperity

Pearl - Stone for Prosperity


Stone for Prosperity

A guide for the history, meaning, metaphysical uses, purposes, crystal healing, and properties of the elegant Pearl.


Show those pearly pearls! Pearls can accentuate style and give an air of elegance. A good, natural, and wild pearl is quite rare, but where do they come from? Pearls are naturally occurring nacreous material found in mollusks. Pearls were first described in 2206 B.C. China. They have long been a precious, highly valuable material used in jewelry, décor, art, and various crafts. Although often depicted as a white, reflective material, pearls can vary widely in color and appearance.  They are rare naturally, but since the discovery of cultured pearls in 1893 Japan by Kokichi Mikimoto, they are much more common and cheaper. Historically, they were expensive and even today natural pearls are quite pricey. Cultured pearls are made by taking a piece of a mollusk’s mantle (they must be of the same species) and placing a shell bead into another mollusk. Alternatively, no bead can be used but this requires more mantle tissue. With a bead, the mantle tissue grows around the bead, produces nacre, and a pearl is formed. Without a bead, the nacre forms around the mantle tissue. There are multiple types of cultured pearls. These are Akoya, South Sea, Tahitian, and Freshwater.

Pearl and Lapis Necklace

Natural pearls could sell for incredibly high prices. In one instance, Pierre Cartier traded two strands of natural pearls for the Plant Mansion on Fifth Avenue in New York City.  Morton Plant, the owner of the mansion, was willing to take the pearls as his wife wanted the necklace and Morton himself wanted to leave the home as the street was crowded with new businesses and many of the old families he knew had left. Cartier turned it into a luxury goods store and the rest is history. The building still stands today, virtually untouched since the early 20th century, with the exception of a few touchups.

Scientific Information 

Hardness: 2.5-4.5

Lustre: Pearly

Crystal System: Orthorhombic

Etymology: N/A

Location: Global (wherever mollusks are found) but are naturally rare

Metaphysical Properties

Mother of pearl can bring prosperity and promote feminine energy. They bring calm and soothing energies.
  • Stone for Femininity
  • Stone for Calm
  • Stone for Prosperity
  • Stone for Imagination

Natural pearls are pure, divine, and are in tune with the water element. They are also quite calming, soothing, and enhance confidence. 

The Wrap Up

Pearls have a long and rich history of giving people an extra touch of class. In recent times they have become more accessible, allowing many to work with and admire them. Natural pearls will remain as some of the most beautiful and expensive, however. Any pearl however is useful for a spiritual journey, bringing calm and soothing energies.

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