Peridot: Stone for Light and Solar Energy

Peridot: Stone for Light and Solar Energy

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A guide for the history, meaning, metaphysical uses, purposes, crystal healing, and properties of the great green stone.

Peridot is a pale green, olive green, lime green, or yellow-green colored gemstone which can be are formed through the fires of molten rock and brought to the surface by violent behavior in the Earth's upper mantle.

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Stone for Light and Solar Energy

A stone that has been loved and admired for its beauty and relationship with the sun. Because the stone was tied to the sun, a celestial and divine body, it was associated with getting rid of nightmares and negative spirits or negative energy. Today, many still associate peridot with a stone of positivity and banishing all fears. Historically, peridot was admired by a mix of civilisations. Though sometimes it found home in the halls of conquerors if it could not be acquired by trade.   


The pronunciation of peridot is often a subject of debate among gem collectors and enthusiasts. Why? Well, peridot pronunciation typically falls in two camps: those who prefer to pronounce it like /pɛɹɪdoʊ/ (per-ih-dot) and those who pronounce it like /pɛɹɪdɑt/ (per-ih-dow). 

This comes from the name's origin. As you might guess, the term entered the English dictionary from French. In French, the 't' is not pronounced. In French, the stone is pronounced as /peʁido/.

So, which is correct? Well, the answer is simply: both. Both pronunciations see such widespread use, that there is technically no right way.

Us and the Stone

Peridot was often set with gold. This makes sense, as the sun is seen as a holy golden body of radiant light and this can be reflected with the divinity and nobility of gold. Silver works well today, and it was a good second choice as it was considered a holy metal. Peridot is associated with the month of August as a birthstone, its partner being sardonyx. It was once the birthstone of September. Rarely it is considered such in America and Britain, though some parts of the world still maintain that Peridot is the rightful birthstone of September, most notably Russians and Italians. 

Peridot is one gemstone of Spring and is the gemstone of Egypt. The stone's planetary influence is, of course, the Sun. Sometimes people associate peridot with Mercury and Venus, however. In a dream, Peridot may symbolize good health; alternatively, caution. This often manifests today as the control or banishing of evil forces. Because of the stone's power to drive away fears, it was a good choice for keeping soldiers stalwart and unwavering in battle.

Peridot's flash of green color brings sheer joy and its versatility allows it to complement just about every shade imaginable. The vibrant green hue adds a beautiful splash of color to any piece of jewelry.

Peridot can come in a limited range of colors that dip into a yellowish area or a greenish area.

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Metaphysical Properties, Meanings, and Uses

Peridot can come in a limited range of colours that dip into a yellowish area or a greenish area. It has great spiritual power and solar power. 

Crystal healers claim it is a...

  • Stone for Light and the Sun.
  • Stone for Driving Out Dark Forces and Nightmares.
  • Stone for Calm and Confidence.
  • Stone for Promoting Forgiveness.

  • The love for peridot hasn't faded. Its beauty and choice as a birthstone has cemented its popularity. 

    Dive into the enchanting world of Peridot, a gemstone celebrated not just for its mesmerizing beauty but for its purported healing properties that make it a jewel in the crown of crystal healers. This vibrant gemstone isn't just a feast for the eyes in exquisite jewelry designs; it's also believed to be a powerhouse of spiritual healing and balance, according to crystal practitioners. Especially in the realm of Feng Shui, incorporating Peridot is claimed to harmonize spiritual energies within your abode, infusing it with positivity and metaphysical equilibrium.

    Crystal healers often rave about Peridot's unique ability to stir up feelings of spiritual joy, compassion, and harmony. It's like a burst of sunshine, resonating particularly well with the dynamic spirit of Leos. If you're a Leo, embracing Peridot could be like finding a soulmate in the gemstone universe, according to these healers.

    Wearing Peridot as jewelry isn't just a style statement. Healers claim it establishes a direct, unhindered connection with one's energies.

    To keep the magic of Peridot alive, crystal enthusiasts emphasize the importance of maintaining its pristine condition. Regular cleansing is suggested to ward off stagnant energies and negative vibes, ensuring the gemstone sparkles with its full potential.

    While robust, Peridot is said to appreciate a gentle touch. It supposedly thrives in serene settings, making it a perfect match for Feng Shui practitioners. It's believed to amplify spiritual harmony, enriching your space with its serene vibrations.

    For those born under the dazzling sun sign of Leo, Peridot isn't just a gemstone; it's a beacon of potential, at least according to crystal healers. With its mesmerizing beauty, Peridot is believed by these crystal healers to resonate deeply with the warmth and intensity characteristic of Leos. By welcoming Peridot into their lives, Leo individuals are said to unlock a treasure trove of benefits that enhance their natural charisma and foster personal development.

    First off, let's talk about Peridot's role as a catalyst for a Leo's radiant personality. Crystal healers suggest that this vibrant gemstone amplifies the magnetic aura of Leos, much like how a Leo lights up a room with their presence. Wearing Peridot is seen as a reminder for these fiery souls to shine their confidence brightly, paving the way for memorable encounters and the forging of lasting bonds.

    But there's more to it. Peridot is a stone touted by crystal practitioners for its ability to help Leos achieve spiritual growth during meditation.



    The Wrap Up

    Peridot will help you to be more aware of your spiritual powers and gifts and create a channel of power in which you can grow your supernatural abilities. It is a stone that provides protection and will keep your aura field safe. This gemstone is exceptionally diverse in its talents. What is more, it comes in a variety of lovely colours.

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