Petrified Wood

Petrified wood is a beautiful gemstone that symbolizes the power of time. It’s been around for millions of years– and serves as a welcome reminder that no state of being is permanent in our universe. Just like time can transform wood into stone, it also has the power to transform our own lives.

Explore petrified wood’s meaning and uses below.

Is Petrified Wood a Stone?

Petrified wood is not exactly a gemstone– but rather fossilized wood. We believe it to be a stone of transformation, and its vibrational energies are often used to help us embrace change and find new ways of living over the passage of time. 

The meaning of petrified wood can also evoke the promotion of courage and strength in the face of adversity. When used in meditation practices, it can help promote relaxation and acceptance, making it an important tool for personal growth.

Petrified Wood Uses

Integrating petrified wood into your spiritual life and meditation practices allows you to become more grounded, establish deep roots, and calm fear, panic, and anxiety over the passage of time. It’s a great stone for showing you what’s important in your life and what isn’t, and reminds you to accept the world as it is and not stress over the little things– because time heals all. 

Use petrified wood to ground your meditation and keep your stone close at hand to clear negative energy from your third eye chakra.

Channel the Earth’s Energy

Whether you’re feeling anxiety over the passage of time or holding yourself back because of a fear of change, the vibrational energies of petrified wood make it a perfect stone to push you in the direction the universe wishes you to go. Shop high-quality petrified wood and explore ancient earth energy with our selection of petrified wood gemstones.

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