Picture Jasper Use and Properties

Picture Jasper Use and Properties | Crystal Gemstone Shop

Picture jasper is a stone that showcases certain patterns when cut. Since jasper is ubiquitous, even picture jaspers aren't unique to any specific location. However, certain locales have certain specimens that are quite beautiful. While brown or tan-gold is very common, picture jaspers can appear in other colors. From a mineralogical perspective, there doesn't appear to be any solid criteria that would define a stone as qualifying for the name "picture jasper," and it appears to be a jasper that happens to have some pattern that resembles scenery, which can be somewhat vague.

Picture jasper comes in shades of brown, tan, and beige. Depending on where it has been sourced, it may exhibit a "wood grain" appearance or a sandy landscape of hills and valleys. Different types and colorations of Picture Jasper include Biggs jasper, Owyhee jasper, and Deschutes jasper.

Picture jasper eggs in a nest prop

Jasper is one of the most common stones. You probably have jasper in your crystal collection, and if you don't, well, you might be the odd one out. If you've been to a crystal show, you've almost certainly seen this stone or some variety of it.

Picture Jasper is about a 6.5–7 on the Mohs scale, and as a result, picture jasper finds some use in jewelry. Aside from this, all sorts of jasper have had other kinds of use throughout history, such as bow drills or even arrowheads.

So, it's really the more unique patterns that often manifest in picture jasper that make it stand out compared to the rest of the jasper horde. Its dusty and sandy tones make it great for a more neutral aesthetic, and the stone is frequently used in lapidary projects that feature orbs, hearts, towers, and more.

Metaphysical Properties of Picture Jasper

It is important to note that the claims made by the crystal healing and metaphysical communities about the therapeutic or spiritual properties of stones are not scientifically proven or endorsed by healthcare professionals. Therefore, it is not recommended to rely solely on crystals in place of professional medical care or treatment. Scientific evidence does not support the idea that specific crystal formations or colors have any benefits beyond the placebo effect. While meditation can have some benefits, it should not be seen as a replacement for conventional medical practices that have been scientifically validated.

It is better to seek medical advice from professionals for any health concerns, and the use of crystals or meditation should not be viewed as a substitute for seeking professional medical or health advice, treatment, or expertise. In the absence of scientific evidence, it is important to prioritize evidence-based medical practices.

At any rate, those in the crystal community believe that:

"Picture Jasper is a stone exalted for its protective abilities by ancient peoples. It is a stone that forms a clear path from the past into the future, helping us to visualize our dreams, goals, and wishes. Picture Jasper then helps us to stay grounded and balanced as we work toward building those desires into reality. It is a supportive and protective stone, shielding us from stressful and chaotic energies that try to sway us from our positive journey. By keeping us centered, Picture Jasper creates an inner harmony and peace that allows us to bring the wisdom or the past with us into the future."

Picture jasper tumbled stones in wooden heart bowl

The Wrap Up

Picture jasper is a stone with unique patterns and lines that etch the surface of the stone. Ultimately, it is somewhat poorly defined stone, and it primarily refers to stones with some kind of pattern that resembles something else. In any case, picture jasper is a stone that we love here, and it is frequently used in jewelry.



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