Rainbow Moonstone Gemstone Properties

Rainbow Moonstone Gemstone Properties

Rainbow Moonstone Gemstone Properties

Moonstone is a variety of moonstone that displays a gorgeous blue schiller effect. What sets rainbow moonstone apart is that it has a gleaming iridescent shine, which happens to look like, well, a rainbow.

Rainbow moonstone is sometimes called a variety of labradorite. Or, more precisely, some call it white labradorite. This is somewhat confusing. But is it correct?

Not exactly. Both labradorite and moonstone are feldspars. This is probably the source of the issue. They aren't really varieties of each other so much as they are just different types of feldspar. Regardless, both are very beautiful!

Rainbow moonstone is a beautiful white stone which sometimes exhibits an ethereal blue flash from deep within. Some raw specimens may also feature scales of gorgeous, glittering mica!

Rainbow Moonstone in shell

Metaphysical Properties of Rainbow Moonstone

It is important to be aware that the metaphysical and crystal healing community's claims regarding the properties of crystals have not been scientifically verified. Therefore, using crystals should not be seen as a replacement for professional care or treatment. It is crucial to understand that there is no scientific evidence supporting the idea that certain crystal formations or colors offer any benefits beyond the placebo effect.

While meditation can have some advantages, it is not a substitute for proper medical treatment and care. If you have any concerns about your health, it is essential to seek assistance from medical experts. The claims made by the crystal healing community should never be considered a substitute for seeking professional medical or health advice, treatment, or expertise.

Crystal healers believe that:

"Rainbow Moonstone is a tremendously prismatic and beautiful gemstone which diffuses and filters the immortal powers of the Universe and brings them to the Earth. You will find a wonderful balance between nature and your divinity in the presence of rainbow moonstone. The gemstone stimulates your natural psychic abilities and readies the mind during sleep for powerful lucid dreaming sessions. It is a lunar gemstone with a serene, nurturing energy that soothes away chaotic energies to leave you balanced and cocooned in positivity. If you enjoy the power and energy of the Moon, you will love the discovery powers of rainbow moonstone. The stone provides calming and balancing energies while providing a natural protective field."

The Wrap Up

Rainbow moonstone is a very beautiful gemstone with a shimmer that many love. The stone is often in collections due to its prominent schiller effect, which has made it a common choice for crystal decor. The rainbow moonstone gemstone is also often called "white labradorite," even though both stones are feldspar.






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