Rainbow Obsidian: Stone of Spiritual Energy & Faith

Rainbow Obsidian: Stone of Spiritual Energy & Faith

Rainbow Obsidian Tumbled

Rainbow Obsidian

A guide for the history, meaning, metaphysical uses, purposes, crystal healing, and properties of the unusual and exciting Rainbow Obsidian gemstone.

Stone of Spiritual Energy & Faith

Rainbow obsidian is a dark brown to black stone that can reveal bands or veins of blue, green, gold, red, or violet with an iridescent or reflective appearance. Rainbow obsidian is also known as Heaven's Eye. Rainbow Obsidian can come in a variety of ways, such as chips, rough stones, or raw stones.

Rainbow Obsidian Metaphysical Properties and Use

Many believe Rainbow obsidian is a wonderful stone to work with if you want to reclaim your spiritual energy, align yourself with matters of faith, and open yourself to a higher place of understanding & enlightenment. It is regarded by some as a gemstone that can cleanse and align all of your chakras and help you identify singular and collective issues through each of your chakras. Others argue that rainbow obsidian helps bring balance to your life, settle karma, and build strength through positive reinforcement & encouragement.  Those working with memory and meditation find this gemstone an absolute must-have.

  • Stone for Spiritual Energy
  • Stone for Faith
  • Stone for Enlightenment
  • Stone for Balance
  • Stone for Meditation

Rainbow Obsidian is a glass that contains minerals from the Earth and can be made by the Earth or man-made; depending on the variances. Rainbow obsidian is simply a beautiful stone!

Rainbow Obsidian is said to be associated with a wide range of properties, chakras, planets, zodiac signs, elements, and colors. Its properties, according to crystal healers, include abundance, strength, self-discovery, gentle self-expression, self-healing, love and relationships, emotional understanding, meditation, grounding, growth, grief and mourning, as well as nourishing and rejuvenation. In terms of chakras, crystal healers claim that Rainbow Obsidian primarily relates to the Root chakra. The planet associated with Rainbow Obsidian is Earth. Zodiac signs connected to this stone include Libra. When it comes to elements, Rainbow Obsidian is linked with Earth. The colors associated with Rainbow Obsidian are black, red, orange, yellow, blue, purple, green, and violet.

When working with Rainbow Obsidian, some claim it is beneficial to pair it with specific crystals to enhance its heart healing properties. Some recommended crystal pairings include Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Eudialyte, Moldavite, and Black Kyanite.

Rainbow Obsidian Orbs

The Wrap Up

Obsidian is a form of glass that has a unique composition and can be made naturally by the Earth, or can be man-made. Rainbow Obsidian shows a fantastic sheen and spectrum of glitter-like beauty.

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