Silver Leaf Jasper

Metaphysical Properties of Silver Leaf Jasper
Silver Leaf Jasper is a stone that grounds you to the core energies of the Earth and instills a sense of stability, security, and wellbeing. The stone is a solid foundation for nurturing serenity & tranquility within the spirit. You will find greater mental clarity and a higher function within your spiritual self when Silver Leaf Jasper is used during meditation. If you like to astral travel, Silver Leaf Jasper is a natural form of protection. The stone facilitates the feeling of being secure and guarded. Silver Leaf Jasper is a mesmerizing stone filled with ethereal & earthen energies that bridge the spiritual and mundane.
Silver Leaf Jasper can appear in many different shades: green, grey, black, cream, beige, white, salmon, and red. As with all Jaspers, it may also feature brecciation from Quartz or Hematite.

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