Smoky Quartz: Stone for Power

Smoky Quartz: Stone for Power

Smoky Quartz

A guide for the history, meaning, metaphysical uses, purposes, crystal healing, and properties of the Druid's Stone, Smoky Quartz.

Stone for Power

Whether it be a wisp or a plume, the smoke trapped within this crystal has been destined to stay there for an eternity. But is it really smoke, or is it just the highland mist?


History of the Stone

Despite its cool, dark, and rather interesting appearance, smoky quartz was not a popular variety throughout history. It was fairly common, but it was not fairly loved, except by those in Scotland. It was a stone meant for these highland warriors who might decorate their weapons or use them in accessories. Others would wear it as a stone to improve their craftsmanship and keep them safe from disease. For more medical oriented work, some claim that it was used to cauterize wounds. This was done by using it in the manner one would use a burning-glass. There are legends of Scottish druids or shamans using the stone in their rituals, too.

Scientific Information 

Hardness: 7

Lustre: Vitreous

Crystal System: Trigonal

Etymology: A combination of smoky and quartz. It is sometimes referred to as Cairngorm, a name referring to the mountains from which it is frequently mined. And less commonly it is referred to as Scotch Topaz or Scottish Topaz. In other languages it is sometimes referred to as Morion.

Location: Global, but great pieces come from the Cairngorms.


Metaphysical Properties

Smoky Quartz remains as a good stone for diviners or for those who love rituals and ceremonies. The stone was frequently used for such acts in the past and it still lives in its prime for such things. Some ancients believed the stone to help guide those in the afterlife, so some use it today to connect with the spirit world.

  • Stone for Diviners
  • Stone for Spiritualists
  • Stone for Protection
  • Stone for Meditation
  • We may not have ever bit of history, but we can try to do what the Scottish druids did!



    The Wrap Up

    And here we are. After swimming through that sea of smoke we find the light. Smoky quartz may not have been popular to every culture or every society, but we could at least find one group of people who loved the stone as much as we do!

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