Snakeskin Agate Use & Properties

Snakeskin Agate Use & Properties | Crystal Gemstone Shop

This slithering beauty is a variety of chalcedony with a snake-like surface. Transparent specimens have lines coursing through that look a little bit like a scale pattern. More solid specimens (and non-tumbled) look a lot more evocative of their namesake.

In terms of color, you can expect to see a beautiful mix of hues, including peachy, reddish, pinkish, and orange tones that are often interspersed with white or clear sections. 

As a variety of chalcedony, it ranks 6.5–7 on the Mohs scale, which makes it an acceptable option for jewelry. We don't typically see snakeskin agate jewelry, and this might be from the fact that larger specimens show off more of the snake-like pattern.

Snakeskin agate on display


While snakeskin agate isn't commonly confused with fire agate, we have seen some mislabeling before. While the distinctive patterns can look similar, the main difference is that fire agate has that iridescence from the impurities of limonite and goethite. Snakeskin agate is also not like snakeskin jasper. 

Metaphysical Properties of snakeskin agate

It is imperative to understand that the assertions made by the crystal healing or metaphysical community regarding the supposed curative or spiritual attributes of stones lack scientific substantiation and are not endorsed by healthcare professionals. Therefore, it is strongly advised against relying on crystals as a replacement for professional care or treatment. The reality is that there is no authenticated scientific evidence to suggest that specific crystal formations or hues offer any benefits beyond the placebo effect. While meditation does provide some benefits, it is critical to recognize that it should not be perceived as a substitute for conventional, verified medical practices.

It is always recommended to consult with medical experts for any health concerns, and the use of crystals or meditation should never be considered an alternative to seeking expert medical or health advice, treatment, or expertise. In the absence of scientific validation, it is vital to prioritize evidence-based medical practices and professional advice when it comes to health and wellness.

Snakeskin Agate on display

Snakeskin Agate is an energetic gemstone that provides encouragement for your deepest dreams and desires, driving you to seek them out. Snakeskin Agate helps you to work toward emotional equilibrium and instills focus on the future. It is a deeply secure stone, supporting you with a nurturing, affectionate energy that reminds you what you are capable of. The gemstone brings positive power, promotes Kundalini, and helps develop feminine energy. Snakeskin Agate helps alleviate stressful energies and opens your mind to joy, success, and future achievement.

 Wrap Up

Snakeskin agate is a stone with a beautiful formation that many love for the distinct appearance and style. Looking for something a little unusual? Then consider snakeskin agate as a possible addition to your crystal collection!

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