Stilbite Properties & Use

Stilbite Properties & Use

Stilbite Properties & Use 

Stilbite is the common name for what actually refers to a collection of others minerals in the stilbite group, which is part of the zeolite group. Typically, when someone refers to just "stilbite," they are likely referring to either stilbite-Ca or stilbite-Na.

As these suffixes would suggest, these are different chemical properties (calcium and sodium). Despite the difference in names, stilbite-Ca contains sodium, and stilbite-Na can have calcium and potassium, as it's not always completely pure. Therefore, it's very common for people in the market to just refer to either of the two as just "stilbite." Unless you're a mineralogist or geologist, the distinction probably doesn't mean much to you. Plus, you might not know which one it is without some kind of equipment. So, stilbite tends to be the common name by default.

Stilbite is a soft mineral, with both stilbite-Ca and stilbite-Na only being about a 3.5–4 on the Mohs scale. This makes them inadequate for jewelry, as it could be easily damaged when worn.

Zeolites are considered "molecular sieves," and their properties lend them to having use in the petroleum industry. In particular, zeolitic catalysts can help in refinement.

Stilbite ranges from a soft beige color to a peachy shade, and can often be found alongside apophyllite. Typically, however, stilbites are white. As a fairly porous mineral, stilbites can be dyed. However, due to their soft nature, you probably don't have to worry about someone trying to pass it off in jewelry as a super expensive stone. They can be identified fairly easily, too.

The stone isn't well-known among many collectors. However, it can make for a nice little addition to your gem pile in raw form or as a cabochon.

Image of stilbite with apophyllite

Metaphysical Properties of Stilbite

It is important to understand that the following claims on metaphysical properties, as are many in the metaphysical or crystal healing community, are not verified by science or healthcare professionals; one should not substitute professional care or treatment with the use of crystals; there is no scientific basis behind the claim that certain crystal formations or colors provide any benefit aside from the placebo effect. While meditation known to have certain benefits, this should not be considered as an alternative or substitute or replacement for traditional, verified medical practices.

If you have any concerns, you should always seek help from medical experts for matters and affairs concerning health. These claims made by the crystal healing community should not be considered an alternative to seeking professional medical or health advice, treatment, or expertise.

At any rate, those in the crystal community believe that has the following metaphysical properties:

"Stilbite is a gemstone for promoting psychic knowledge and wisdom. It increases your intuitive abilities and helps you to pinpoint the psychic gifts from within, stimulating growth in those areas. Stilbite fosters psychic visions and intuitive messages from the Universe, and can provide profound direction and assistance in seeing the future. Stilbite helps you to settle your inner conflicts and recognize the strengths and positive support you have within your life. This is a magnificent gemstone to work with if you want to strengthen your psychic powers and help them evolve into something greater."

Macro shot of stilbite

The Wrap Up

Stilbite is a stone group more than just a singular mineral. Often, you'll hear the term used out of its intended context. For most people, that's probably fine, as the nuance between the varieties within the group doesn't mean much to them. Stilbite may have use in petroleum refining, as many zeolites do.


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