Sunstone Properties & Information

Sunstone belongs to the feldspar family and is characterized by the copper schiller it exhibits, which comes from inclusions of copper (rare) or hematite (much more common). It is available in a lovely bouquet of colors, such as pale orange, yellow, and red. However, sunstone is a crystal of bright variety and is not restricted to these colors, as it can also be found in shades of green and blue.

Interestingly, it is often referred to as aventurine feldspar owing to its similarity in appearance to aventurine; despite this resemblance, the two stones have different chemical compositions.

Sunstone is a stone that is widely admired for its enchanting, shimmering appeal, but what might surprise only recently gained popularity. It's not ill-suited for jewelry or anything, but people have simply just not appreciated it.

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In the past, Norway was considered to be the primary source for sunstone crystal specimens. However, Oregon produces some of the most renowned sunstone pieces, which is a type of Labradorite that contains hematite inclusions that give rise to that famous schiller.

Both plain old sunstone and Oregon sunstone are beautiful, and if you ever get the chance to see a high-quality specimen in person, you'll see that both have their own unique beauty and charm. However, we more commonly see regular sunstones in jewelry.

Sunstone may have small inclusions of black tourmaline.

Metaphysical Properties of Sunstone

It is imperative to acknowledge the lack of scientific evidence and endorsement from healthcare professionals regarding the assertions made by the crystal healing or metaphysical community of the healing or spiritual abilities of stones. We highly discourage the use of crystals to replace professional care or treatment. There is no substantive scientific backing that supports the notion that specific crystal formations or colors offer any benefits beyond the placebo effect.

Although meditation is known to offer some benefits, it must not be considered an alternative to, or a substitute for, conventional, verified medical practices. It is critical to always seek assistance from medical experts for concerns related to health. The use of crystals or meditation should not be perceived as an alternative to seeking expert medical or health advice, treatment, or expertise.

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Sunstone is a stone said to carry the energy of the nearest star in our solar system and is associated with the Fire Element. The gemstone is said to be alive with solar energy when one holds or wears it, and they can feel it radiate through all 3 of their bodies. It is said that sunstone shines a supernatural light within one's consciousness and helps one to receive powerful messages from one's ancestors and spirit guides.

It is also said to help one to receive the blessings and gifts of the universe. It is said that sunstone is a crystal that brings abundance, prosperity, and hope into one's life, even when things seem hopeless. It is said to be a stone that inspires positive change, removing us from ruts and negative habits and shining a clarifying light into our minds to allow for stronger and more beneficial focus. This mental clarity is said to make us more receptive to the wisdom and knowledge of the universe, sharpening our intuition and spiritual acumen.

The Wrap Up

Sunstone is a beautiful crystal with a schiller that we cannot help but look at to appreciate once in a while. If you are looking for an excellent and underappreciated stone to enhance crystal décor, then you might want to look at this pretty stone. Sunstone is a stone we love for its pastel and sunny disposition, do you? Thank you for reading!


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