Tektite Use and Properties

While some think of tektite as a specific kind of stone or mineral, it's actually glass that forms from an impact event's ejection of debris; this debris then cools down and solidifies as it falls back to Earth.

Tektite is often found in areas where large meteorites or asteroids have impacted the Earth, and it can come in a range of shapes depending on the specific composition of the debris. Despite its extraterrestrial origins, tektite is a fascinating material that has been studied by scientists for many years.

Tektite is often a black stone with a pitted surface. It looks like lava rock but with a smoother and waxier finish. However, since tektite encompasses a group, there is some variety in color, such as pale yellow or green.

Tektites, especially dark specimens, are often confused with obsidian. At a glance, they do look somewhat similar, and both are glass. In terms of feel and physical characteristics, they are actually quite different.

It was originally believed that tektite was actually a stone of lunar origin. However, numerous studies in recent years have shown that this is almost certainly not the case.

Metaphysical Properties of Tektite

Tektite awakens your spiritual connection with ancient and prehistoric eras of Earth. It provides a strong presence of organic and raw ancient energies. Working with Tektite will allow you to feel as though you have your feet on the soil and your head in the stars. For this reason, Tektite is a wonder to meditate with as it unblocks the mortal walls of the mind and encourages your consciousness to explore and learn. If you want to pursue a path of lucid dreaming, astral travel, meditation, or telekinesis then working with Tektite can help you to hone your abilities.

Tektite works as a natural truth serum as it speaks to the core of you and to the primal forces of ethereal bliss and Earthen animalism. The stone can help you differentiate between those around you who are good and bad, loyal and disloyal, honest and liars, and true friends or two-faced.






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