Agate Enhydro brings the perfect balance between the Elements of Earth & Water. Through the power of Agate Enhydro's connection to water you learn endurance, strenth, courage and the ability to overcome challenges in your life. Through the power of Agate Enhyrdo's connection to fire you learn passion, fury, emotion, destruction & construction, and rebirth. Agate Enhydro's metaphysical powers show greatly in its ability to stimulate your imagination and help you to become a great problem-solver. Agate Enhydro's cleansing properties allow it to resolve tension and stress in relationships.


Other Information


Agate is a type of chalcedony, and due it being home for various kinds of minerals, it can host a wide variety of colors, if not being multi-colored. It is found often in the Americas and in Europe. Other variants may appear in other parts of the world. Enhydros have water trapped



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