Ajoite connects us to the Universal consciousness which speaks to all living creatures on a primal level. It helps you connect to the Universal power of psychic abilities for receiving more global visions and realizations throughout life. Ajoite is a lively stone that nurtures our path for enlightenment and higher thinking. It is a great stone for opening the mind & spirit together for harmonious mingling during crystal healing practices. Ajoite is a stone for transformation, evolution, and continued growth in the mystic areas of our lives.

Ajoite is a bright blue that often resembles the hues of the Caribbean ocean.


Chrysocolla and Ajoite


Other information

Ajoite, chemically, contains copper, aluminum, hydrogen, potassium, oxygen, and silicon; impurities exist, such as iron, manganese, and calcium. It is mined in the US and Europe.



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