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Amethyst Crystal

Natural Amethyst Crystal Tumbled Stones for Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra

Amethyst Crystal: The Soothing Beauty

Natural Amethyst crystals have been a source of joy throughout history, used in fine jewelry and craftwork for centuries. This is because the lovely purple shades of this Quartz variant are associated with luxury, royalty, a steady mind. It's no accident that the gemstone's name is derived from the ancient Greek word for not intoxicated-- Amethyst was once believed to prevent drunkenness, leading it to be used in pitchers and decanters. Today, Amethyst is still known for its soothing qualities and it is often kept in the bedroom to promote restful slumber or stress relief. While the deep, dark plum shades remain the most popular, lighter shades of Amethyst have plenty of devotees, with many enjoying the banded look of Chevron Amethyst or the pastel tones of Lavender Amethyst.

Is There Such a Thing as Pink Amethyst? Green Amethyst? Black Amethyst?

While Pink Amethyst is a widely accepted name for a peachy-mauve variety of Quartz whose color derives from Hematite inclusion, many rock hounds will point out that it is not technicallyΒ Amethyst, as a primary identifier of Amethyst is its purple coloration. It should be remembered that Amethyst itself is a variety of Quartz, and that its purple color occurs because of iron within the crystal lattice reacting to naturally occurring gamma irradiation. Informal names such as Green Amethyst or Black Amethyst, applied to Prasiolite and Moiron respectively, do not correctly categorize the way these stones grow or derive their color. So, while stones referred to as Pink Amethyst, Green Amethyst, and Black Amethyst are natural forms of Quartz, they are not technically Amethyst crystals even though they share some similarities in metaphysical properties.

Properties and Meaning of Amethyst

Amethyst is not just the February birthstone! It's also a Third Eye and Crown Chakra crystal known for protecting against psychic attacks while strengthening intuition. Amethyst jewelry is often worn by those who wish to expand their spiritual awareness and hone their psychic abilities for this very reason. Raw Amethyst geodes are kept in homes not just as statement pieces, but also to promote a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Polished Amethyst crystals are carried as fidget items and meditation stones by those who use the gemstone as a support for anxiety relief because of its metaphysical properties. It's safe to say that Amethyst is one of the world's favorite natural crystals!