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Angel Wings Selenite

Angel Wings Selenite

Angel Wings Selenite (also known as fishtail selenite) is a gemstone with a unique pattern.  This gemstone creates a strong bond between the mortal mind and the immortal divinity in the Universe.  Through this gemstone you find clarity in situations and can receive prophetic visions when meditated or slept with.  Angel wings selenite is a gemstone that brings together the power of the Elements and bonds you with the forces of nature for greater understanding of your mortal nature.  This gemstone provides a foundation of ethereal energy through which you can expand your consciousness through your Crown Chakra.  It is a great gemstone for stepping outside of your comfort zone and reaching for better things in life through its natural & supportive power.


Other information
Selenite is a type of gypsum. The chemical properties are hydrogen, calcium, oxygen, and sulfur. American, African, and European localities are common


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