Arfvedsonite is a highly active gemstone that invigorates you from deep within the soul. Arfvedsonite encourages you to reach higher levels of success in life and will support you with positive energy from every angle. Working with Arfvedsonite affords you greater opportunities with enlightenment, understanding, spiritual wisdom and prosperity. The stone can manifest powerful psychic visions that are prophetic in nature; forewarning you of important events in your life or worldwide. Arfvedsonite is the stone for those who want to make something of themselves in this life and are never willing to settle for anything less than the best. Arfvedsonite is a stone with strong vibrations that bode well during meditation to help you realize your true calling & purpose in this life.

Arfvedsonite is a gemstone with black, green, brown, silver or blue hues. The striations in the stone appear like feathers and illuminates with flashes of color when turned in the light.


Other Information

Arfvedsonite is named after the Swedish chemist, Johan August Arfwedson.  It is chemically composed of iron, hydrogen, sodium, oxygen, and silicon. It is mined in various parts of the world.



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