Astrophyllite is a stunning gemstone with flashes of brilliance that come through the tumbled stone. The name of the gemstone means "star leaf" in Greek. This gemstone is a source of great comfort and grounding when it comes to your bond with the Universe. There is a celestial rhythm that comes through this gemstone with ethereal potency and power. The more you work with this gemstone the more riveting and beholden you become to its magnificent influence for your Astral power and awareness. The stone facilitates a deep connection between you and your soulmate. When you keep the gemstone in your home it encourages a lasting connection of fidelity and honesty between you and your lover. The variety of energies connected with this gemstone truly makes it seem like a gift of the heavens.

Astrophyllite has flashes of brown, bronze, amber, orange, red, and have a pearly luminescence.


Other information

Astrophyllite has an iron, fluorine, hydrogen, potassium, salt, oxygen, silicon, and titanium chemical makeup. It is mostly found in Norway.



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