Bismuth creates a solid and cohesive environment for understanding more advanced principles of magic. It is a gemstone that provides focus, clarity and connection with your spiritual self; allowing for revelations and power. It is a gemstone that promotes positive self-vision and will help you to understand yourself and your many, unique layers. It is a great stone to work with if you need to resolve differences between you and those you love as it promotes happiness and solidarity. Bismuth gives you the confidence and endurance to go after greater goals in your life. You will find this gemstone provides a unique outlook for life and helps you to stay on task. It is a supportive stone for shaman and cleansing work on all levels.

Bismuth crystal is distinctive as it has a stair-step structure that is square or rectangular in shape. Sometimes Bismuth crystals can come to a point like a pyramid. They are iridescent with hues of blue, green, purple and gold.


Other information
In the arsenic group, Bismuth has a 2-2.5 on Mohs scale and is found all over.


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