Blue Calcite is a gemstone that wicks away negative energy and helps to promote positive thoughts, good vibes, and open the channels of communication. Blue Calcite opens and expands your mind which makes it a great stone to keep nearby when you are learning something new. It is a stone that stimulates the mind and encourages memory retention & recall. Blue Calcite helps you to let go of the stresses of the day, quieten your mind, and enter a state of pure rest and relaxation. Blue Calcite clears the cobwebs of confusion from the mind and supports clarity and tranquility from within. This gemstone has a passive and lovely energy that works well as a foundation stone for your life.

Blue Calcite is a pale blue to a true blue with a glassy surface.


Other Information


A stone of many colors and is also very common, calcite is found in many places all over the world. Chemically, it has carbon, calcium, and oxygen.




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