Blue chalcedony, also known as blue agate or the Speaker’s Stone, is an ancient stone. It’s said that, in the old days, it was common to see chalcedony crystals covered in symbols devoted to water sprites, air nymphs, and similar weather-based deities. In the Americas, indigenous people recognized this stone as sacred in their practice. They used it as a meditation stone and a piece to foster stability. It is rich with history, amazingly beneficial, and stunningly gorgeous. Open your mind and heart by decorating your spaces with polished chalcedony gems, jewelry pieces, and raw stones today!

Smoothly Polished Stones

Looking for a worry stone that’s smooth and soothing to the touch? chalcedony crystals are small, discreet, and polished to perfection. Keep a handful in your pocket, your desk drawer, or your bag. Simply having them in your space can be calming, not to mention that the stones themselves are beautiful. Despite its name, this gem comes in a rainbow of colors, including gray, white, slate blue, brown, and pink, among others.

Raw Chalcedony

Raw, all-natural gemstones have their own special power and appeal. Raw blue chalcedony gemstones are roughly textured and singularly unique in their shape, with Earth-made protrusions that extend in all directions. Each stone is one of a kind and would work perfectly as a display piece for your meditation space or office, or as part of your spiritual practice.

So Many Ways to Enjoy

You can absorb the power of this stone no matter where you are with breathtaking crystal jewelry. There’s something chic and lovely about the blue stone combined with sterling silver. Treat yourself to a gorgeous gemstone ring or a chalcedony pendant.

Choose the stone that imbues you with balance, generosity of spirit, and flexibility. Bring Chalcedony into your home today with Crystal Gemstone Shop!