Bowenite is a fantastic stone for guarding against negative thoughts and inspiring you to seek out positive experiences. Bowenite encourages success through life and reaching higher states of prosperity and personal wisdom. When you sleep with Bowenite you have more vivid and enhanced dreams of a prophetic and lucid nature. Your dreams may express more profound and deeper meaning; especially as related to symbols and signs. Bowenite is an interesting and unique gemstone.

Bowenite is a light green and can be translucent with a peaceful & lovely shade of green. The hues of the stone can be dark green to a leafy green. It is also known as Tangiwaite or Tangawaite.


Other Information

Bowenite is a form of Antigorite, having the chemical properties of magnesium, oxygen, hydrogen, and silicon. Localities are the US, Austria, New Zealand, North & South Korea, and Pakistan



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