Zebra Jasper is a balancing stone for male and female energies as there is a clear resonance with masculine and feminine energies around the stone.  Zebra jasper promotes inner peace, compassion, enveloping thought and problem-solving.  The more you work with the stone the happier and more balanced you feel.  It is a stone that stimulates the intellectual mind and provides a strong measure of protection for the aura and Chakras.  It will keep your mind from wandering into darker places and keep you focused on the future.  You will find yourself grounded to the Earth's core energies.  When you work with this gemstone you will create a stronger and more intellectual atmosphere around you.  If you need to work with compassion and empathy this gemstone stimulates all the right gifts.


Other information

Jasper is a form of chalcedony, it comes in many different colors and sizes. Its chemical composition is that of silicon and oxygen, chalcedony is common and found all around the world.


You will receive one stone, approximately 1" - 1.25"



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