Bumblebee jasper is as energetic and lively as the name implies. Also known as sunset jasper, it is known for its color palette and its rejuvenating energy. This is the stone for you if you need a kick in the butt in terms of motivation. Displaying the stone in your space or wearing it as part of your jewelry collection will fill you with the passion to pursue your deepest desires.

A Magical Stone for All Your Needs

It’s no surprise that this is a magical stone. It’s made up of volcanic materials, which contain a variety of unbelievable elements. A single piece of jasper could contain sulfur, arsenic, hematite, and anhydrite. Those elements are largely responsible for the strong vibrations of energy that emanate from the stone. They also explain its vivid sunset colors.

Sit a stone on your desk to motivate you to write the novel you always planned. Carry a gemstone in your pocket when you have an interview for your dream job. Hide a heart-shaped stone in your handbag before a romantic date. Give yourself an extra dose of confidence and all the enthusiasm of a busy little bee.

Draw on the Power of Sunset Jasper

Do you want to sharpen your instincts and learn to trust them more? The presence of sunset jasper in your space will help with that. Place the gemstone around your home, office, or dorm, keep a palm stone in your pocket, or wear bumblebee jasper jewelry to hone your intuition and become more in tune with that inner voice that strives to send you in the right direction.

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