Chiastolite is the gemstone of the faithful, spiritual and miracle-workers. For those who feel they have lost their way in life chiastolite can bring you an overwhelming sense of well-being and restore lost faith. The gemstone promotes deep connections of happiness and self-confidence and will draw you closer to your belief system. It is a gemstone that brings reflection, wisdom and grace. Any time you hold or work with the stone you find yourself in a more pensive and self-aware state of mind. If you enjoy meditation you will love the fact chiastolite can lull you into deep states of clarity in meditation. It promotes prophetic dreams and visions. Working with Chiastolite can be an extremely rewarding experience for those who are working with ancient texts, literature, cartography, symbols, etc as it is a stone that helps you unearth hidden, lost, forgotten, and/or ancient knowledge.

Chiastolite is a brown and black gemstone that has a heart in the center. The heart typically looks more like a Maltese cross. Chiasolite is also known as Andalusite or the Cross Stone.


Other Information

Aluminum, silicon, and oxygen make up the chemical composition.  It was written about first in the mid-18th century. It is commonly mined in Europe




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