Cobalt Quartz is a soothing gemstone that dissolves all the blockages in your life that are keeping you from celebrating who you are and what you want to be.  You will find yourself invigorated with self-expression and self-confidence.  When you work with this gemstone you will feel its patient, healing powers wash through your 3 bodies and bring you the strength and enduring power you need.  You will have special surprises and exciting opportunities attracted to your life when you wear cobalt quartz. This is a gemstone for transition and can help you make the move from novice to apprentice or apprentice to master.  It opens the gateways between the Realm and your connections between your mind, spirit and body for the receipt, understanding, and evolution of paranormal gifts. It is the stone of unexpected and happy surprises as it makes life feel refreshing and new again.  You will fall in love with the supernatural powers of cobalt quartz.