Danburite is a highly active gemstone that harmonizes the heart and mind. Together they help you to overcome obstacles, focus on what is important, keep sight of your life's goals, and find a true place of love & peace from within. This is a great gemstone to work with if you enjoy angelic work or working with spirit guides as it resonates with your ethereal & earthen energies. Danburite diffuses the energies brought on by stress and elevates your awareness of the supernatural which exists in the world around you. Through work with Danburite you can find your celestial voice and embark on paths of OBE and astral travel.

Danburite most often ranges in hue from a white to pale pink.


Other Information

Danburite has a formula of CaB2Si2O8. Its hardness is 7-7.5 on Mohs scale. Though it is named after an American locality, it can be found and mined outside of the US. Australian, Canadian, and Italian mines exist.


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