Dendritic Opal opens the channel of communication within you and brings you a closer bond to Mother Earth. As you work with this gemstone you find it promotes evolution, growth and a personal connection with the metaphysical. Dendritic Opal provides a pathway for an open mind, forgiveness, self-awareness and happiness. It will strengthen your supernatural abilities by allowing to unearth ancestral gifts. If you like to work with past life memory recovery this gemstone can provide you vivid recollections of experiences from past incarnations.

Dendritic Opal is also known as Merlinite or Moss Opal. The stone is typically milky white with fern-like inclusions (dendrites) running through the gemstone which are various minerals, silicates and manganese oxides.

Other information
Dendritic opal, or moss opal, has (green) dendrites. It is primarily mined in the US, Australia, Austria, Cuba, Slovakia, and Khazakstan.


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