Dravite is a great stone to work with if you want to soothe your negative feelings and emotions. The stone calms your mind, spirit and body and aligns you for greater work with your Chakras. Dravite inspires courage, fearlessness, and the motivation to overcome obstacles in your life. The stone awakens introspection and the desire to look deep within yourself for answers. Dravite provides protection for your Chakras and against psychic attacks; helping you feel more relaxed and focused on what is important in life.

Dravite is a form of tourmaline that appears in dark-brown color; similar to smoky quartz.


Other information
A member of the tourmaline group, dravite experiences the Usambara effect, which is more dependent on the path of life to demonstrate a color shift. It is a 7 on Mohs scale with chemical properties of boron, aluminum, hydrogen, magnesium, oxygen, silicon, and sodium. Though found all over, dravite has many deposits in the US, Austria, Czechia, and Hungary. 


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