Eudialyte is a gemstone that facilitates positive energy and inspires your heart to be full and ready for all possibilities.  This gemstone activates all of your Chakras and provides you alignment and balance.  Eudialyte gives you grace, happiness, and positive energy in all aspects of life; encouraging you to explore happier paths of hobby and enlightenment.  This gemstone will strengthen your creative channels and open your mind to new channels of wisdom and acceptance.  You will feel spiritual alignment and spiritual enlightenment within your 3 bodies.


Other information
Eudialyte is a 5-6 on Mohs scale. Its chemical formula (Na15Ca6(Fe2+,Mn2+)3Zr3[Si25O73](O,OH,H2O)3(OH,Cl)2(Calcium, chlorine, hydrogen, iron, manganese, silicon, oxygen, and zirconium). There are American, Czech, Hungarian, Romanian, Ukranian, Norwegian, and Finnish deposits as primaries.


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