Fairy Stone helps you connect to the mystical & spiritual powers within yourself. It is a natural conduit for the metaphysical and helps you to understand & know true power. It is a lively and active stone that brings out the positive from within and can relay messages from spirit guides and ancestors. Fairy Stone has a calming and soothing energy that sets weary nerves to rest and promotes positive thinking. It's a must-have for crystal healing as it can be a beacon to strengthen the energy of magic around you. Fairy Stone is a charming source of significant, mystical energy. The ancient source of this stone also promotes a connection with ancient energy and primal forces to understand the divine insight within you.

Other information
This is a staurolite, it has a hardness of 7-7.5 on Mohs scale. The stone is made of aluminum, iron, hydrogen, oxygen, and silicon. Impurities of titanium, zinc, chromium, lithium, and cobalt may exist. Many Austrian, American, Canadian, Chinese, Czech, and French mines exist, among several others.


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