Zebra Blue Amber Rough Fossil - Single Stone

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Ever wanted to say you have blue amber? Well, these lovely specimens are unlike any other. Amber stones are considered organic gemstones, making for great showpieces when it comes to a crystal collection. At our crystal store, we try our best to find rare oddities like this!

Product Information

These Zebra Amber specimens measure approximately 1" - 2".

Zebra Amber

A piece of ancient history, amber is a stunning fossil from a prehistoric world.  It is an amber that resonates with incredible energy and has a strong presence when held during meditation or quiet time.

Zebra Amber encourages you to learn about yourself, to explore your inner desires and wishes, and to be more present in your experiences.  Zebra Amber clears negative energies from you and keeps you focused on what is important in your life.

Blue Amber has a stunning color in UV light and is captivating as it holds tremendous energies that are from the ancient Hymenaea protera trees 25-40 million years ago.  Working with amber is always like a conduit to an ancient world as its presence alone is remarkable given its history.

This amber glows a gorgeous teal-blue color under a UV light.

Amber Properties

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Iva Li
Fit all my requirements

I asked for two pieces of amber and that they would be as clear as they could be so I could make cabochons out of them. When they arrived, they were perfect. Had a nice clarity and they even wrote a little not. This shop is really nice and I will definitely be buying from here again.

Lillian Gonzalez
Love it

Love my Zebra Blue Amber Rough Fossil

russell pepper
Blue zebra amber

Quick delivery

Jaime Wirth

Every item I have received from here has been excellent, and my zebra amber was no exception. Larger than I expected and truly beautiful.

Stephanie Hilpert
This chunk of amber is huge! Way bigger th...

This chunk of amber is huge! Way bigger than I was expecting. Fluorescent color is lovey and pretty clear as far as I can tell. Will absolutely buy this again!