Galena is a shimmery silver stone that awakens the power of transformation from within. It will motivate you for positive change and transformation within your life. The stone will help you to move past the negative thoughts, resolve grudges, and clear the negativity which resides in your heart and mind. It's a great stone to work with to resolve past life issues and to resolve ancestral negativity which you harbor; knowingly or unknowingly. Galena is a great stone for those who are learning something new as it stimulates your mind and memory together for learning, processing, memory retention, and memory recall. The more you work the stone the better you feel about your present and future.

Galena is a silver stone that shimmers with a metallic look. It is a stone that contains lead and therefore should never be used in any ingested potions or mixtures.


Other information
Galena is a stone known for the lead content. It has a 2.5 on Mohs scale. Aside from lead, the chemical properties are also sulfur. The stone may also have silver content. German, Irish, Russian, Canadian, French, and American deposits aren't uncommon.


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