Life isn’t always a walk in the park, but it may feel more that way when you take hold of a garden quartz stone. This captivating gemstone, also called lodolite quartz, is said to transform negative energy into a universal positive love. Often used in meditation and healing work, it reportedly balances the spirit, mind, and body. Garden quartz doesn’t disappoint in the way of aesthetics, either. With inclusions of red, orange, gray, green, and cream, you can enjoy a pocket full of rainbows whenever you carry them around.

Garden Quartz Meaning & Appeal

This quartz stone is said to encourage everyone’s inner dreamer, and the “dreamy” meaning behind garden quartz is a major driving factor in its popularity. Lodolite quartz allegedly stimulates creativity and sharpens the user’s awareness of their life path and destiny. If you feel you’re overdue for a change in your career, personal life, or love life, this stone could be a good companion.

Garden quartz is highly resonating, as it vibrates within the Crown Chakra and downward. Let it enlighten your mind, body, and spirit as you chase your fairytale dreams!

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