Green Jade is a beautiful gemstone that facilitates blessings and encourages positive growth in life. Jade is a stone for dreamers as it encourages lucid dreams and prophetic dreams to help you make wise decisions related to your Destiny. This gemstone provides a tranquil and serene field of energy through which you can achieve good luck, peace, and gentle insight into all areas of your life. Green Jade awakens you from the dream of life and helps you to find clarity and reality amongst distractions. Jade dispels negative energy and forces negative energy away from you from all sources. The stone attracts positive energy and opens your creative channels.

Jade comes in many colors and is either classified as a Nephrite or Jadeite. Nephrite is typically ivory-white, pale green, olive green, brown or black. Jadeite comes in a full array of hues of green as well as black, blue, lavender, pink, orange, red, and teal.


Other information
Jade's colors may vary depending on the mineral components within the stone. It is largely an East Asian commodity but can be found in the US, Russia, and some parts of Europe. The variations of jade are nephrite, jade jadeite, and jadeite.


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