Green Obsidian is a wonderful gemstone that acts as a shield against negativity energy and guarding against blockages that form in your spiritual journey. Green Obsidian is an Earthen stone that resonates with the Earthen Element and will help you find proper grounding for meditation. This stone stimulates your higher consciousness and helps you achieve deeper thought; which can aid in paths of enlightenment. Working with Green Obsidian will help you dissolve blockages that form through negative energy & negative thoughts, and encourages you to find your way.

Green Obsidian is also known as Gaia Stone. It is a see-through stone with a leafy-green color.


Other information

This is a kind of obsidian, which is more rock than mineral. Regardless, this volcanic glass, which is a mix of silica minerals, can come in different colors, depending on the inclusions and microscopic bubbles within the stone. This is a pink variety of obsidian.



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