Grossular Garnet is a gemstone that resonates with the bond we share with the Earth. It is a Gaia, or Mother Earth, gemstone that awakens the nurturing connection we share with the flora & fauna of our planet. Grossular Garnet is perfect for encouraging paths of self-awareness, meditation, bond with nature, and eliminating the limitations we put on ourselves to keep us from reaching the status we wish in life. Grossular Garnet is a balance stone that encourages harmony and helps you take a stronger path through destiny.

Grossular Garnet is a richly-colored stone from a brilliant hue of orange, to a deep, forest-green. It can also be found in varying shades of green, gold, orange, red, and yellow. Also known as African Jade, Cinnamon Stone, Grossularite, Hessonite, Tsavolite, and Tsavorite.


Other information
Part of the garnet group, grossularite is a 6.5-7 on Mohs scale with chemical properties of aluminum, calcium, oxygen, and silicon. Many East Asian deposits exist as well as kinds in Europe.


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