Guinea Fowl Jasper is a lively stone that helps to calm the mind while staving off the urge to indulge in flights of fancy. It is a great stone for those who want to play to their base-logic and discover greater, inner determination. There is a primal energy that accompanies this stone that helps you to identify with the primal forces of life from within. Working with this stone helps to alleviate stressful energy and as part of a grid can act as a beacon to your logical mind and crown chakra together. Guinea Fowl Jasper is a stone of sincerity, truth and loyalty.

Guinea Fowl Jasper is a black stone with grey or white speckles.


Other information

Jasper is a form of chalcedony, it comes in many different colors and sizes. Its chemical composition is that of silicon and oxygen, chalcedony is common and found all around the world.


You will receive one stone, approximately 1" - 1.25"



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