Heliodor absorbs and holds the prismatic power of the Sun. For those who want to pursue a path of enlightenment and self-awareness, the Helidor gemstone is an absolute must-have. Helidor stimulates your inner psychic gifts while energizing them with the natural energy of the Sun. You will find your mental clarity, strength and creativity serve you far better when you have Helidor with you. The stone promotes wisdom, intrinsic knowledge and inner grace on every level. Heliodor encourages you to be more compassionate, empathetic and in tune with the blessings of spiritual enlightenment.

Heliodor is a beautiful gemstone of pale yellow to deep-golden hue and appears as a greenish-yellow stone. Heliodor is also known as Golden Beryl.


Other information
Helidor is a beryl gold in color. As such, it has properties of beryllium, aluminum, oxygen, and silicon. The stone is mined from the US frequently, though some European ones exist, such as in France or Italy.


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