Hemimorphite is a gemstone that makes you feel good, makes you welcome self-love and self-adoration, and gives you the upbeat energies of love & good vibes. Hemimorphite is a stone that naturally attracts good luck, prosperity, abundance, and happiness to all areas of love. The stone provides cleansing and restorative powers to the voids that naturally appear in your life. Hemimorphite draws your mind for organization and keeping your thoughts from being scattered. It is a stone for loving yourself, being able to forgive, and looking forward with a positive outlook. Hemimorphite provides a clear path for evolution and constant transformation for achieving better things for yourself and working towards true enlightenment. This stone creates a balance between the Heart & Crown Chakra for knowing your mind and heart with sincerity and then promotes true expression through the Throat Chakra.

Hemimorphite is generally a brilliant shade of blue with a pale hue. Some specimens can be more electric blue than pale blue but the blue is always a lively shade.

Other information
Hemimorphite's formula is Zn4Si2O7(OH)2 · H2O (Zinc, Silicon, Oxygen, Hydrogen) and os 4.5-5 on Mohs scale. It is not limited to many places, as it can be found in Europe, Africa, Australia, parts of Asia, and the Americas.


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