Hubnerite is a channeling stone that allows you to communicate within the 3 Realms and helps you to feel and work with your Chakras. Through work with this stone, you can craft a better understanding of how your Chakras engage you in daily life. This stone helps to ground you to the Earth's core energies and through Hubernite you feel more adjusted to nature. This stone facilitates trust within self and happiness in your decisions through life. Hubernite is a highly active stone that stimulates your psychic senses and divine mind.

Hubnerite is a manganese tungsten oxide mineral which is found in quartz. It can range in color from black, black/grey, brown, and/or yellow. It is also known as Huebernite.

Other information
Hubnerite can be found in hydrothermal veins under high-temperature influence. It has a 4-4.5 on Mohs scale. Spanish, Portuguese, German, Czech, Japanese, Chinese, Malagasy, Nambian, and American mines are common.


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