Serpentine is a great gemstone to work with if you want to attract an era of prosperity to your life. Serpentine is a natural magnet to drawing opportunities for wealth and power. If you are embarking on a new career in your life or you want to rejuvenate your financial status, wealth or prosperity then working with Serpentine will give you creative inspiration and support. This gemstone illuminates areas in your life where there can be a significant improvement. Serpentine also works to strengthen the bonds of love that exist between you and your lover, family, and friends. It is a versatile and multi-powerful gemstone.

Imperial Serpentine amplifies the many opportunities for prosperity, happiness, and fulfillment of destiny. Through work with Imperial Serpentine, you realize your potential for success.

Imperial Serpentine is marbled with green, black, brown, and white. It has a vibrant and beautiful contrast with each stone.


Other information

Serpentine is in the kaolinite-serpentine subgroup. The chemical properties are magnesium, iron, nickel, manganese, aluminum,  and zinc. Localities exist all around the world.




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