Jade is one of the most revered gemstones on Earth, being used throughout ancient civilizations worldwide as a sign of wealth, prestige and power. Jade is a gemstone believed to bring the bearer blessings and prosperity. It is the gemstone favored for intricate carvings and magical amulets throughout time. Jade is a conduit to the spiritual realm and thus has been used for ages as a stone through which dreams can be interpreted as well as prophetic dreams received. Jade attracts good luck and can bring it with powerful, positive energies which can drive out the negativity in the atmosphere around you. Working with Jade encourages positive interaction, the pursuit of dreams & goals, and connection with a higher, spiritual self.

Jade varies in color from black, blue-green, brown, creamy beige/white, lavender, orange, pink, red, but it is most commonly known in its pale green to a deep green hue.


Other information
Jade's colors may vary depending on the mineral components within the stone. It is largely an East Asian commodity but can be found in the US, Russia, and some parts of Europe. The variations of jade are nephrite, jade jadeite, and jadeite.


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