Jet Polished Tumbled Gemstone - Stone of Natural Cleansing

Metaphysical Properties of Jet Gemstone

 Stone for Natural Cleansing

Jet is a cleansing gemstone that can wick away negativity and dark energy. Jet is cyclic and upon providing naturally, cleansing energies it also provides a filtering, protective energy that keeps away evil. Jet encourages wise decision-making, thoughtful action, and being prepared in life. The stone will motivate you to solve problems in your life and be more aware & appreciative of your blessings. Jet is a great stone to work with when you can't let go of something because it encourages honesty & truthfulness within yourself so you can recognize a problem, resolve it, and move forward while maintaining high spirits and a positive attitude. Jet is a very active gemstone that continually providing cleansing and restorative energies to all areas of your life. The stone can calm anxious energy, nervous thoughts, and becoming too obsessed with something. Jet provides a strong foundation of support while stimulating your natural psychic abilities to foresee important decisions and situations that impact your personal life.

You will receive one stone between 1/2"-1" on the longest side.

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Customer Reviews

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Tallia Gluck
Very nice piece of jet, though I liked the larger cushion shape better!

I have bought a few pieces of jet and the best one is the cushion shape which is the largest and best looking! I like this one too!

Sherry Ferge
Beautiful stones and prompt delivery!!!

Thank you so much for fulfilling my daughters joy in crystals. We are very pleased with the quality and beauty of these stones.


Exactly what you would expect, deep black and smooth. Also very lightweight.

Iso Novoso
Love the Jet

around negative protection.good balance for the collection.

Melissa Berz
Item exactly as described. Very satisfied and got a pretty...

Item exactly as described. Very satisfied and got a pretty free gift.