Kunzite is a gemstone that promotes love, happiness, joy, and positive energy through your life. Kunzite is a gorgeous gemstone that encourages you to breathe freely in your life and expand beyond the negativity that tends to bog you down. You will find the walls around your heart dissolve and you are more open to feeling and understanding the power of love on every level. It's a great stone for helping you to see the beauty in life, appreciating the blessings & gifts you have, and helping you to receive abundant forms of love on every level through your lives. Find yourself strengthened and encouraged through the passion of love.

Kunzite is a lavender, pink, or lavender and white gemstone that has a pale and gentle appearance.


Other Information

Kunzite is found in every corner of the world, from the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia.  It has a pink hue. It is composed of lithium, aluminum, silicon, and oxygen.


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