Blue Kyanite Natural Gemstones - 2 oz Bag

Metaphysical Properties, Meaning and Uses of Blue Kyanite

Ethereal Power & Royalty

Kyanite is a pass-through gemstone that will filter energy but never retains energy. It is a prismatic gemstone that will filter away negative energy and channel positive energy into your Chakras. Kyanite is great for self-expression and finding your true voice. It is a stone that helps you to achieve a deeper level of meditation as it can feed you energy to relax you into a more comprehensive state of awareness. You should work with kyanite if you need to clear blockages from your life as it will filter away the blocking energies and only allow energy to be a conduit through you. Keep kyanite near you when you need the courage to speak your mind as it will give you the clarity and focus to use your Crown & Throat Chakras in unison to get your true message across.


You will receive one 2 oz bag of raw Blue Kyanite Gemstone blades. You may receive a variety of large pieces up to 3" and small pieces that may be .5" or less.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Andrew Fischer

Very nice specimens, bought to have a better idea of what to look for, several mines near me.

Thomas Krieger
Really nice stones

I have ordered twice from your website really nice stones

Rose Baudoin

I was very happy with this purchase as I was expecting little chunks but instead got a pretty large variety of lengths and thicknesses. No two pieces looked the same but they were all such a lovely, shiny shade of pale blue!

Love these stones

I bought the small stones so I could give one to each of my assoc. and other healers in my life. They are perfect for carrying in a pocket. We all love their energy.

Phyllis Pelzer

Blue Kyanite Natural Gemstones - 2 oz Bag