Lapis Lazuli is an ancient stone that exhibits supreme power. It is a stone which promotes honesty and is used to draw out the truth within one's self and others. It reveals the truth from within your core and will lighten the true path of your spiritual journey. Lapis attracts success, elevation, and prosperity throughout your personal and paranormal journeys. It activates a higher thought process which allows you to reach milestones of enlightenment when you are in meditation or quiet reflection. You will find it promotes a stronger and more productive memory as it stimulates the mind. A gemstone heralded by the Egyptians as one of their most prized possessions the lapis lazuli gemstone never falls short of surprising you with its power.

Lapis lazuli is a navy-blue or denim-blue gemstone that has gold flecks or speckles of pyrite. It often has varying shades of blue within the stone. Lapis lazuli can have other colors such as white or tan.

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