Lion Skin Jasper is a stone of steady energy that welcomes courage, stamina, and determination through life. Working with this stone will encourage you to go after the goals you have set for yourself while ridding you of those of procrastination. Lion Skin Jasper is a lively stone that keeps its energy soothing and constant so you can work with it in many ways. When meditated with Lion Skin Jasper can work with the third eye to show you the necessary visions and messages to further specific paths within your destiny.

Lion Skin Jasper is various shades of brown often in striped design.


Other information

Jasper is a form of chalcedony, it comes in many different colors and sizes. Its chemical composition is that of silicon and oxygen, chalcedony is common and found all around the world.


You will receive one stone, approximately 1" - 1.25"



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