Moldavite is a gorgeous meteorite that is born from stardust and Universal power.  With high velocity, it came in a fury of fire and force as it made an impact with the Earth.  Moldavite is a stone that emits a high frequency of ethereal energy.  When you hold the meteorite you feel a pulse of Astral energy surge through all 3 of your bodies.  You can experience some intense celestial dreams when you wear moldavite to bed.  For some, they find the sheer power of moldavite to be overwhelming though most will acclimate within a few days of bringing the meteorite home for the first time.  Moldavite has been on Earth for over 15 million years and its beauty hasn't waned once in all those years.  You will find an impressive array of ethereal powers radiating from the stone.  It has a gorgeous surface as it bears its molten appearance from its fiery emergence 15 million years ago.  There are precious few stones that radiate with the volume of energy that moldavite does, for that reason, it's quite valuable to all practitioners, mystics, shamans, and enthusiasts of the Universe.


Other information
Moldavite is glass from a meteorite found mostly in Czechia, though it may also be found in Austria and Germany, and, though quite rare, in Poland.


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